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Ball Chair Store

Here you will find reviews and many styles of the very popular ball chair. Everything you find here is offered at inexpensive and discounted prices.

Just for reference, the ball chair is also referred to by many different names.

As you look over the many choices you will find it named differently both in stores, on the Internet and on this website.

Other names for this type of chair include: exercise ball chair, fitness ball chair, balance ball chair and even yoga chair.

You may even hear it called a stability chair or ab core chair. All these names refer to the same thing. 

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The reason this type of chair is all the rage these days is because it allows a person to exercise while they are sitting.

 These chairs are perfect for anyone that sits in a chair a long time during the day and gets little exercise.

Many people are using them in the office and at work.

While sitting on a chair like this, your body is constantly having to make lots of tiny adjustments so that your balance is maintained.

This type of exercise is barely noticeable and yet very effective. The best part is that it is achieved while sitting very relaxed and comfortably.

Ball ChairThe results that can be achieved with this type of chair include:

  • strengthening of core muscles
  • improving posture and spinal alignment
  • losing weight
  • alleviates aching back/legs/arms syndrome
  • helps to prevent back injuries
  • and more

Health and fitness experts all agree that the ball chair is the solution for a healthier back, stronger core and improved overall well being and fitness--all achieved while sitting! 

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All of the chairs are designed with common similarities. There is a frame and a back rest. The frame is designed to hold a large rubber ball filled with air. These balls come in different sizes to accommodate different statures. They also are offered in an array of different colors.

Because these balls are filled with air it is a good idea to consider getting a specially designed pump to keep them properly filled for optimal comfort and performance. These ball chair pumps are available through this website.

We are affiliated with So if you see a particular ball chair you like, just click on the picture and you will be taken to Amazon where you can read reviews and get more detailed information. All of the chairs featured on this site are highly rated by users.

The top three companies making ball chairs include: Gaiam, Fitball, and Isokinetics. You can read reviews on their chairs at this website and learn how each is different from one another.

So if you are looking to become more fit at work, consider a ball chair as a tool that will be a big help in achieving that goal.

Take Look Here at this Video Explaining How a Balance Ball Can Help you Relieve Stress

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